Terms & Conditions


1. Items cannot be returned after thirty (30) days from the date of invoice , unless the product becomes defective within six (6) months from

the date of invoice , having regard to its general intended purpose and normal use.

2. No credits (price differences etc.) will be passed after thirty (30) days from the date of the original


3. No quality complaints can be accepted six (6) months after the date of invoice .

4. No returns will be accepted without the product bei ng sent back to Haus for review.

5. Rugs with a width variation of +/ – 3% cannot be returned for credit.

6. Dye – lot variations occur in all rugs and are unavoidable. The customer must examine the product before

accepting delivery thereof.

7. Hertex Fabrics cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a customer as a result of the

product having been incorrectly been incorrectly cleaned or handled.

8. No claims will be accepted if rugs have been chemically treated after purchase.

9. Hertex Fabrics/Haus will not accept any responsibility for rugs fading as a result of exposure to South Africa’s harsh sunlight. Fading as a result of exposure to sunlight will be accepted as fair wear and tear in line with the

normal end use for which the rug is generally intended.

10. We reserve the right to refuse any return in line with the abovementioned terms.

11. Hertex Fabrics/Haus will not be held responsible for any consequential loss as result of a defective or hazardous product.

12. Hertex return policy does not apply for items bought on SALE .